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Our mission is to provide underserved communities with the knowledge and resources to make educated decisions that benefit the environment and the people they serve. 

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About The Earthly Advocate

The mission of The Earthly Advocate is to advance environmental justice by conducting scientific research, educating the public, and engaging with communities. Our goal is to offer extensive knowledge in environmental science, geographic information systems (GIS), and remote sensing to community organizations.

Industrial Smoke

Our Outreach

Our organization aims to educate underserved youth about environmental science through hands-on activities and training opportunities. Our goal is to equip them with technical experience and inspire them to become the next generation of scientists.

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Our Services

At The Earthly Advocate, we offer a range of services to communities, including air quality GIS and remote sensing research. Additionally, we organize after-school and summer programs for children, as well as community workshops and events.

Get to Know Us

The Earthly Advocate confidently utilizes scientific research to champion environmental justice and empower communities to tackle environmental challenges with their own solutions.

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